Media & Outreach

Press Coverage of My Research

Video Interviews or Invitations:


05/2022         Face masks impair emotion recognition

Zoom interview invitation for Arirang TV, an international English-language television network based in Seoul


02/2022         Our ability to read facial expressions is impacted by face masks

French Video interview for an ICI RDI segment (recorded but has not aired yet)


 02/2022         Behind the mask: How masks impact our social interactions

French Video interview for an ICI RDI segment (pre-interview completed)


Radio Interviews or Invitations:


10/2022         How masks (public health) affect emotion and empathy

English Radio interview with Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) segment “Let’s Go”


05/2022         The impact of face masks on social interactions

Invitation to speak on the Brian Crombie Radio Show


03/2022         Face masks and emotion recognition

English Radio interview with CKCU-FM for the Midweek Radio show. Timestamp: 17:10


02/2022         How wearing a mask has altered the communication of emotions (Comment le port du masque a altéré la communication des émotions)

French Radio interview with Radio Canada for the segment “In the Mosaic” (Dans la Mosaique)


02/2022         What emotions are hidden by the mask? (Quelle émotions sont cachées par le masque?)

French Radio interview with Radio Canada for the segment “It’s Never the Same” (C’est Jamais Pareil)


02/2022         Does wearing a mask interfere with nonverbal communication? (Est-ce que le port du masque nuit à la communication non-verbale?)

French Radio interview with Radio Canada for the segment “Junction-11-17” (Jonction-11-17)


Written Interviews and Other Coverage


10/2022         What’s going on behind that face mask?

Written coverage of our research featured on Research2Reality, a science knowledge translation site


10/2022         Transparent face masks restore emotional understanding, but not empathy

Written interview featured on both the McGill Newsroom and the McGill Science Homepage

- Picked up and distributed by 4 other online media sources including: Mirage News, Medical Press (also shared 11 times on this site), Academic Gates and My Science


10/2022         Masks impede people’s ability to understand and share emotions

Written coverage of our research featured in a Think Fast segment on


05/2022         As masks start to come off in school, anxieties over facial features appear to rise

Written interview for Townsend Harris High School’s (population of 1108 students) newspaper, The Classic


03/2022         Masks impede communication says study

Written coverage of our research featured on The Suburban, the largest weekly English newspaper in Quebec

02/2022        Face masks impair nonverbal communication between individuals

Written interview with the McGill Newsroom, featured on the McGill University homepage

- Picked up and distributed by 7 online media sources including: TrueViralNews (liked 2.2K times), Phys Org, Alpha Galileo, MirageNews, Psychreg, ScienceBlog and EurekAlert!


Knowledge Sharing Through Social Media


11/2022          Purposeful Empathy Podcast

Podcast featuring Dr. Jelena Ristic discussing our research on Anita Nowak’s show Purposeful Empathy

-Posted on Facebook (1.4K followers), Instagram (612 followers), Youtube (400 subscribers), Spotify and Apple Podcasts


02/2022         New research shows masks make it more difficult to read emotions from faces

Blogpost interview for the popular psychology blog site

-Viewed 12,000 times on, 6,000 times at MSN, and generated 272 interactions (likes, comments, shares) on Facebook)


02/2022         Masks impair the recognition of six basic facial expressions, according to new research

Reddit thread discussing our research with over 7000 upvotes and 664 comments

Interviews about My Teaching

The University of Waterloo Arts Department recently interviewed me about my teaching strategies. I discuss some of my strategies for fostering student engagement and the importance of maintaining an open dialogue with students.

I also discuss some of my work with the Centre for Teaching Excellence and science outreach initiatives like Let's Talk Science.

 You can check out the full interview here.

I was interviewed by the University of Waterloo Centre for Teaching Excellence after I won the Certificate of University Teaching Award.

In the interview, I discuss how I developed a workshop to help fellow educators use empirically supported strategies to encourage critical thinking in their students.

I also talk about the importance of self-reflection in teaching, and offer some advice for graduate students looking to develop their teaching expertise.

 You can read the full interview here.

Science Outreach Publications

Let's Talk Science is an award-winning science outreach initiative. I teamed up with them to write an article about face perception for a teenage audience.

The article talks about how the brain recognizes faces and objects, and how face perception differs from object perception. It also discusses how our expertise with faces can lead to phenomena like paredollia - seeing faces where we shouldn't, like in this car front.

 The full article can be accessed here.